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Tuesday November 02, 2004

Orleans Parish request denied

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The request to keep the polls open Orleans Parish was denied. No word on any appeals…

UPDATE (20:13 PST): I’ve just gotten a report from a lawyer in the field who says people are still trying to vote in Lousiana. People waiting in line - largely students - have been waiting since 2:30pm; that’s more than seven hours! Apparently the long wait is partially due to a particularly slow poll worker and the fact that one out of four of the AVC Advantage machines was down until about 6:30pm.

Suit to Keep Polls Open in New Orleans

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A lawsuit has been filed in Louisiana, asking that the polls be kept open late in New Orleans to compensate for delays due to voting machine failures, according to a lawyer involved in the suit.

Problems in New Orleans

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Preliminary reports indicate a big mess in New Orleans. Many e-voting machines are failing to work. Some polling places have no working machines. Voters are being given provisional ballots, but some polling places are running out of provisional ballots.

A local TV station has a list of problems called in by viewers. A sample:

  • 9th Ward 43A Osbourne School: 3 machines, 1 working; also, no machines working at 43D
  • 1949 Duels Street Run out of Provisional Ballots
  • 3411 Broadway, Terrell Mary Church magnet school: voter says only one machine working.
  • 3900 Louisiana: machines not working
  • George Mondy School - 2327 St. Phillip - machine broken and voters in precinct 0605 cannot vote.
  • Jackson School (ward 1 Precinct 1) No keys for machines

UPDATE (2:50 PM): Another local story seems to confirm the problems.

These stories are inconsistent with statements by the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office that there are only two confirmed reports of failing machines (quoted in an AP story).

We can only hope that the three stories are not all true. If they are all true, then there are serious problems, and the Secretary of State’s office doesn’t know about them.

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