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Monday November 01, 2004

60 Minutes segment on e-voting

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On October 27, 2004, the CBS show 60 Minutes - Wednesday, featured the topic of electronic voting. The segment features Connie McCormick, the Registrar of Voters for Los Angeles, stating that people want recounts to match the original vote tally, even if it means that an electronic voting machine just repeats the result it had before. She says that people do not want a recount that produces a different result.

Click here to view the streaming video of the segment (about 14 minutes, tested on a Mac - not sure how well it works with Windows).


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  1. Thanks for posting yhis. I missed the story when it ran.

    David Allen
    Publisher, CEO, Janitor
    Plan Nine Publishing

    Comment by David Allen — Monday November 01, 2004 @ 8:19 pm UTC

  2. Works fine on Windows. I’m glad to see this video available online.

    Here is a Coral-ized version, in case you’re experiencing performance problems.

    Comment by Richard Akerman — Monday November 01, 2004 @ 10:23 pm UTC

  3. Interesting segment, though I must say there was nothing really surprising there. leave it to the bureaucracy, neither party is immune, to hold a religious belief to the word of those they paid money to, rather than consulting the real experts on what is and isn’t right. I hate to rant, but this is a subject that boils my blood regularly: executive management sees a cool technology that they want, and never bother to really get to know it enough to make an informed decision. Then they tell their IT buyers to make the purchase, and ignore the IT technicians’ concerns, merely telling them to make it work when it is implemented. When all is said and done, no one will blame the vendors of the software or hardware if a catastrophe happens, nor will the gun-jumping attitude of the management be held accountable. Lack of training, human error, computer glitch, all the catch phrases of an attitude of blameless disassociated finger pointing leadership who hold their own aspirations above the service of the people.

    Comment by johnny s — Tuesday November 02, 2004 @ 7:14 am UTC

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