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Tuesday November 02, 2004

More on Voter Distrust…

Filed under: — Joseph Lorenzo Hall @ 4:51 pm UTC

As Dave Wagner points out below, a good chunk of voters seem to distrust e-voting machines… one thing that is becoming clear from today’s data from EIRS is that voters also seem to distrust paper. Specifically, when e-voting machines break down, people have to use paper ballots; that’s the back-up system (unless you are unfortunate enough to be casting your vote in New Orleans where there is no paper back-up). However, people see this as “the system’s broke” and appear to be leaving polls in droves (shoddy paper ballots could also result in people thinking things are “sketchy"). Presumably, some will try back later and some will opt not to vote. That’s my depressing story of the day…


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  1. FWIW, At our polling place (Pct 3774, Los Gatos Commons Clubhouse, Alberto Way, Los Gatos), at about 11:15 AM, there was about a 3 minute wait to sign the register. Many people were choosing paper ballots because they were a LOT faster to vote than the machines. Most people were sitting at open tables to fill in the paper ballots, rather than wait for the curtained booth.

    I spoke with one woman outside who was waiting for her husband. She had voted paper, while he was voting electronic. We conversed for about 15 minutes, and he still had not finished.

    Moral: Paper may be faster to use, as well as being recountable.

    Comment by Bill Frantz — Tuesday November 02, 2004 @ 5:18 pm UTC

  2. I’m afraid you may not be seeing or taking in the full picture. See this, particularly the link to the radical analysis, and it may clear matters a bit. What we have in America is a one-sidedness and an atrophy of moral discourse in politics, testified by the fact that the major contender dares not speak of the immorality of a war of aggression but criticizes only its execution. Democrats main objection to Bush has always been formulated in utilitarian terms (familiar to the left-liberals). However, most people voting for and against Bush are doing so because of their moral values, which have nothing to do with utilitarianism.

    Comment by M. Mortazavi — Wednesday November 03, 2004 @ 2:10 pm UTC

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